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Using your knowledge of the Bill of Rights and research conducted, you will create a visual presentation comparing the Bill of Rights both yesterday and today. The presentation should convey how the Bill of Rights was both an integral part of the ratification of the constitution as well as an important protection of citizens rights today.

Task 1:
Use your on-line text book and the chart below and explain each amendment in your own words.

When you complete the chart save on a flash drive or attach to your email the completed document. Print the document for your binder.

Task 2:
Honors students:Research The Bill of Rights and it's relevance to today's society. Gather pictures, articles, video clips, etc... that will later be used for your presentation.( cp students will use cases covered and discussed in class)

In pairs create a rough outline of which rights you would like to focus on for your project and what images, captions and descriptions you could use.

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